Terremoto en Chile, ruido inolvidable

Por “esas cosas de la vida”, CNN me pidió una entrevista para su señal Intrenational (Inglés) y su señal Español. Luego, por la tarde, también me pidieron que redactara un resumen de mi impresión al momento del terremoto de las 03:34 AM.

Esto escribí (si, con errores):

I live in Providencia, a county of Santigo. I live at a 6th floor out
of 7th story building. The area is full of apartment buildings and semi large houses. Most people is middle or higher middle class (in terms of wages).

Earlier, at about 3:30 AM today, I was going to bed after watching a movie on cable. Suddenly, cars and some houses alarms started to “cry”, and after that, dogs…and everything started to move from one side to the other. Electricity went off and I could hear some kind of sounds coming from the ground and within the walls. Everything was shaking.

My wife and I took hands in the dark. We were absolutely nervous.
Panic inside, calm on the outside. We knew there was nothing we could do but to wait until the shaking stops and see if we make it alive, or intact.

I had only 2 thoughts in my head:
1.- “Please, God, make it stop, make it stop now. It’s enough. Please, stop.”
2.- “My son (13), my daughter (8), they are on vacation, in different houses. Please protect them if anything happens to me. My wife, my family, my friends, what will happen to them. Make me calm, let me get out of this so that I can help them and talk to them once again”

I don’t know how long it lasted but it felt like 3 or 5 minutes. I
just could not stand up, everything was shaking very aggressively. And that noise, that noise when you know something is not right, something is happening and it is dangerous. That noise from the ground and walls, I’ll never forget it.

Once it stopped. We stood up, we hold each other. Got the lanterns (dynamo models), some clothes on, money, cell phones and walked down the stairs, hoping nothing would happen until we get to 1st floor.

Electricity, where I live got back near 5:10 AM. Water got back near 09:00 AM, so did internet and landline phone, occasionally.
Tranquility is still missing. We are afraid to repeat everything
again.  I am trying to remain calm, but deep inside I am so scared to hear that sound, to feel that insecurity with every shake.”

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